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Remodeling Construction

If remodeling is your business then Ezy Estimator’s estimating method makes estimating and planning easy. Unlike many other estimating software products that simply allow you to build a list of materials, Ezy Estimator allows you define a real work breakdown structure (often referred to as WBS) as you estimate. These products make it difficult to produce accurate estimates as there is no WBS to look at whilst building your estimate. As a result items often get missed which can lead to a loss of profit.

Instead of just building a list of materials in Ezy Estimator you create Job Pages and Tasks to which you assign materials.

In this ‘New Kitchen Install�?Project we have broken the Project down into four Jobs, ‘Removal�? ‘Electrical�? ‘Plumbing�?and ‘Cabinets�? We have added Tasks to each Job, these are the steps required to complete the Job. We then added the relevant materials to each Task. Now each Job can be reviewed to ensure it has the right Tasks and each Task reviewed to ensure it has the right materials!

Click image for larger view.

Even large Projects become easy to estimate as Ezy Estimator allows you to break down the Project into manageable ‘parts�?before material take-off. This allows the estimator to focus on these parts instead of the whole Project. The result of this is that items are less likely to be over looked and thus a more accurate estimate is produced.

Using assemblies can make estimating even easier and quicker. Assemblies are a great way of storing common Tasks and materials together. You can save a Task and its materials to a Job Page assembly for future use, when you add this assembly Ezy Estimator creates the Task and adds all the materials to it. You can even save the whole Job Page, its Tasks and their materials as an Job Page assembly! See Materials & Assemblies.

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