Ezy Estimator

Professional Estimating and Project Management Software

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The Screenshots show the various screens in Ezy Estimator and some of the different themes available. Although the screenshots show Ezy Estimator running in Vista / Windows 7, Ezy Estimator is fully compatible with earlier versions of windows. Click here for the recommended specifications.

Click to see a larger image of the Project Details tab

Project Details

Click to see a larger image of the Resources tab


Tasks & Labor

Click to see a larger image of the Tasks and Labor tab

Project Summary

Click to see a larger image of the Project Summary tab

Cost Tracking

Click to see a larger image of the Cost Tracking tab

Materials & Equipment

Click to see a larger image of the Materials & Equipment tab

Report Print Preview

Screenshots and videos



Large Project in Scheduler

Report Designer

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Jobs And Tasks


Using The Scheduler

Timesheets And Invoices

Adding Customers And Contacts

Adding Project Resources

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