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19 May  - See the new screenshots and videos here

20 May - The New 2010 Version Is Now Available!

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Ezy Estimator 2010 is here. The new version includes many new features and is available to purchase here.

The new trial version also includes the new features...

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So you have the job, what now? Most estimating packages have already left the building - not Ezy Estimator! Using the Ezy Timesheets you can instantly see how much has been spent on each task and check its progress in the scheduler. You can add invoice records to track material and equipment costs too. Catch an overspend before it happens!

Setting a new standard in estimation software Ezy Estimator provides you with one complete project software solution. Create professional Bid Presentations with ease using the report editor. Advanced printing features mean individual company profiling is now at your fingertips. Estimate, schedule and track your project with one package that’s easy to use yet powerful enough for the most demanding projects. Being both flexible and dependable Ezy estimator can be tailored to suit all business models, whether manufacturing or construction, consultation or corporate. Ezy Estimator produces the desired results, fast!

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Need to see how the project will run? No problem! Ezy Estimator can automatically schedule your project as you estimate via the built-in fully functional Ezy Scheduler - it’s just one click away! Drag the Task Bars to change the start dates and Ezy Estimator will calculate the finish dates and new costs. It can even accurately calculate overtime costs!

Work the way you want by building your estimate with Ezy Estimator’s fully flexible estimating model. The user friendly tabbed screen navigation creates an efficient  workflow environment. Create jobs and assign tasks with speed, open a database file to assign Materials or simply create your own. Your work breakdown structure is created as you go!

Get Your Profits Heading In The Right Direction - Estimate The Ezy Way!

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For the first time a fully comprehensive estimating, visual project scheduling and cost tracking software solution in one package. For contractors such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, landscape, masonry and concrete, painting, remodeling and general building, Ezy Estimator is the perfect choice for your business.

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Examples of how Ezy Estimator can be used as...

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