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Electrical/Mechanical Construction

Ezy Estimator is ideal for electrical or mechanical construction estimating. Common Tasks and their materials can be saved to assemblies making future input quick, consistent and most importantly accurate. Electrical contractors can easily build assemblies by simply saving a task as they estimate. All the materials added to the task are also recorded in the assembly. These materials are references to the actual materials in the database so that any updates are reflected the next time you add the assembly to a project.

A simple formula for calculating the number of brackets and the length of the bracket material required for fixing cable tray is created in the Formula Creator.

The test below reveals that this formula calculates correctly.

If you have tasks that are common to most of your projects you can store these in an assembly. In this example a task was added to a project and the task had materials from the database added to it. The material’s quantities were then set to the correct amounts for installing a Phase Motor An assemblies category was selected and the save button clicked. The assembly is now saved for future use. This assembly now contains all the items required to install a Phase Motor. If you have more than one motor to install simply set the quantity to the required amount after adding the assembly and all the material quantities are calculated accordingly!

Ezy Estimator Assemblies
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